Different modes of online advertising

Published: 03rd March 2009
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There are various modes of online advertising offered by the ad networks these days. Some of these modes are highly successful in bringing quality traffic to the website.

Banner is a popular mode on advertising online. But you should be very cautious in choosing the banners. Catchy banners gets lots of attention and drive traffic to a website. But some banners fail as their size is too high and they take a long time to load. Idle size of banner in your site should be within 15Kb.

Graphic of your banner should also be interesting. Graphic designs aim to catch peoples attention and pull the crowd. But while choosing the graphics you must make sure that it suits the theme of your website. If your design would be too loud, people will notice just the banner and ignore rest of the website.

Pop ups and Pop under ads are another popular medium of online advertising. But they are also regarded as the greatest source of annoyance and gets closed even before it's loaded completely. Pop under ad is a better option in such advertising. But you must take care that the frequency of pop under ad should be just one per visit.

Text link ads are the best form of online advertising which could be adapted easily. It takes less space and easily gets along with the layout of any page. Success of the text link depends mostly on the text. Well written text links informs the viewer about the context of the link and also entices them to visit the landing page.

Email advertising is again a great way to reach people directly. More and more advertisers opt for this mode of advertising. But the major disadvantage of email advertising is the spam it carries. While launching your email advertising campaign, you must take care that the campaign holds the interest of the readers and give them proper information.

Apart from the above mentioned medium of advertising, many new ways of advertising in the net is coming up fast.

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